Hand Revitalisation

Hand revitalisation in Milton Keynes

Normally when we think of revitalisation we focus on the face and neck and all too often the hands are overlooked.

Yet they are one of the areas that are on show every day. The skin on the back of the hands is fairly thin and therefore when this is impacted by sun damage, loss of volume and ageing this area can appear bony and veiny. Halo Aesthetics in Milton Keynes can help improve the appearance of your hands. 

The treatment

Using the latest technology and injection techniques it is now possible to 'revive' the backs of the hands using an advanced dermal filler called Ellanse®. Ellanse® is a very safe, effective and popular treatment which has been used for many years to restore volume and structure to the face and now new techniques have been developed to use Ellanse® to bring the same benefits to the hands. By injecting Ellanse® into the skin on the back of the hands the depressions between the tendons and veins are filled making the appearance of veins and tendons less prominent.
Hand revitalisation

What is Ellanse® and how does it work?

Ellanse® is a sterile gel which contains tiny particles of a substance called polycaprolactone (PCL). It is a long-lasting filler which will last approximately 12 months in the hands before being naturally broken down and reabsorbed by the body. The filler feels soft and natural in the skin and once injected stimulates your own collagen production which enhances the results of the treatment.

What does it involve?

Hand rejuvenation using Ellanse® is a simple procedure which takes approximately 30 minutes to perform. A small area of the hand will be numbed using a tiny local anaesthetic injection then a cannula is gently placed into the tissue underneath the skin and the filler is injected. The procedure is virtually pain free and the result is visible immediately.
"After my consultation I felt ready and happier, had every faith in Nikki to proceed and felt she knew 110% what I wanted her to achieve, an absolute expert and my results are by far excellent!"

-Lucie Hodges
Nikki Zanna
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