Obagi NuDerm treatments in Milton Keynes

NuDerm is a top choice for dermatologists, and aesthetic nurses and doctors, and is highly effective for skin transformation.  It is suitable for all ages and skin types. 

About Obagi NuDerm

When following the Obagi NuDerm protocol your skin can go through an amazing transformation on the outside which is the direct result of a deep transformation on the inside. The unique blend of ingredients in Obagi NuDerm aims to repair damage at a cellular level and stimulate the production of fresh new skin cells leading to a significant and visible transformation.

Our aesthetic nurse is an Obagi Medical Ambassador, ensuring you receive  a high standard of treatment and advice.
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Thorough consultations

Before starting Obagi NuDerm treatment you will have a thorough consultation with Halo Aesthetics' nurse who will assess your skin and your suitability for this treatment. Once your treatment has been agreed and prescribed you will be provided with all the products that you require along with a treatment protocol which will be tailored to your specific needs. We offer full support in-clinic and by phone during the first few weeks of treatment to ensure that this period goes smoothly and you achieve the best results from your treatment. Your progress will be monitored and your treatment protocol will be reviewed on a regular basis.
Obagi NuDerm treatments

Professional prescription treatment

Because Obagi NuDerm products contain prescription ingredients, they are only available through medical professionals. You may be tempted to buy Obagi products online but we strongly advise against doing so as many of these products are counterfeit and contain unstable concentrations of the active ingredients which may cause unwanted side effects and long term damage to your skin.

More details, reviews and case studies can be found by visiting the Obagi Medical website.
"I felt in good hands with Nikki. Nikki is knowledgeable and doesn’t force any treatments on you but gives you advice and options."

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