Semi-Permanent Make-up

Semi-permanent make-up in Milton Keynes

Semi-permanent make-up is a procedure similar to tattooing. Its application involves colour pigments being placed underneath the top layer of the skin, within the lower dermal layer. This process creates a shadow of colour which resembles the appearance of makeup.

What is semi-permanent make-up?

The application of semi-permanent make-up differs from tattooing as the colour is not placed as deeply. This is beneficial as it means that over time the colour will fade, giving you the choice to either repeat the treatment or change the shape and colour of the treatment in future.

Semi-permanent make-up is popular with both men and women and allows you to continuously have the colour and shape of lips, eyebrows or eyeliner that you desire. For many people the luxury of not having to continuously apply make-up is the perfect reason to pay for a semi-permanent make-up treatment. As well as the convenience benefits, semi-permanent make-up is also a great procedure for those who have sensitive skin and struggle with allergic reactions when wearing everyday cosmetics.
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Katie Elizabeth

Katie Elizabeth is a fully qualified and insured technician offering a range of semi-permanent cosmetic treatments from Halo Aesthetics Cosmetic Skin Clinic near Milton Keynes.

Having trained with the prestigious Finishing Touches group, Katie has a passion for helping her clients to look and feel better about themselves. Her natural artistic talent and desire for perfection mean each and every one of Katie’s clients leaves with beautiful results.
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Expert care

Katie Elizabeth says: “I love watching the reactions from clients when they see the results of their semi-permanent make-up application. My job is very rewarding as I get to help my clients feel happier with their appearance.”

With a passion for helping her clients to look and feel better about themselves, Katie is the perfect consultant for anyone considering semi-permanent make-up. Katie Elizabeth’s services include: semi-permanent eyebrows using powder and hair stroke techniques, semi-permanent eyeliner and semi-permanent lip contouring and blush.
Katie Elizabeth
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