Sculptra treatment in Milton Keynes

For Sculptra treatment in Milton Keynes look no further than Halo Aesthetics Cosmetic Skin Clinic. Sculptra is a collagen stimulating injection which is used to restore volume to the face. The treatment aims to gradually restore facial volume and contour through deep tissue regeneration.

About Sculptra

The main substance in Sculptra is poly-L-lactic acid. Sculptra has been used in the NHS for 40 years to treat Lipoatrophy (loss of fat tissue) and has been successfully used in the aesthetics industry for almost 20 years. When injected Sculptra stimulates your own collagen production resulting in a gradual, natural looking build up of tissue which smooths out lines, softens your features and improves the quality of your skin.

Sculptra has a long-standing safety record and is FDA approved for cosmetic use.
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Take an opportunity to discuss your treatment

Before the treatment you will have a consultation with Halo Aesthetics' aesthetic nurse who will assess your suitability and discuss your desired outcome and budget. The treatment time varies depending on what areas are being treated but should be no longer than 30-45 minutes. A local anesthetic is used to numb the area and during the procedure you may feel some mild discomfort but this will be minimal and short-lived.
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After your treatment

Initially the treated area will appear swollen but this will subside after a few days and you will begin to see an improvement in the quality of your skin within 2-4 weeks. For best results we recommend a course of treatment and the results should last approximately 2-3 years.
"I would highly recommend this clinic. Nikki was lovely and listened to me when I pointed out what I thought were problem areas. She did not at any time make me feel silly about anything I was pointing out and gave advice which made the problem areas even better than I thought they would be. Thank you Nikki"

-Charlie Sadler
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To arrange a consultation for our Sculptra treatments, call us on:
0845 261 3703
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