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Skincare can be a very confusing subject and wading through the hundreds of products on offer can be time consuming and confusing (not to mention expensive!). If this sounds familiar then we can help. Halo Aesthetics offer a free skincare consultation and offer an extensive range of clinical and cosmeceutical products which can be tailored to your skin type and condition. A ‘cosmeceutical’ product is one which contains a therapeutic dose of active ingredients which will have a physical effect on the skin. The ranges that we stock are not available to buy on the high street and some of them are prescription only. During the consultation our aesthetic nurse will assess your skin, discuss your current skincare regime and get to know a bit about you and your lifestyle before recommending the right products for you.

Our skincare products

Most skincare products will do a good job of cleansing and moisturising your skin but you need your products to do more than this in order to fight the signs of ageing and address common skin conditions. So how do you know which ones to choose from the hundreds that are on the market? It’s not as simple as looking at the price tag as there are creams on the market which can cost as much as several hundred pounds but do not have the scientific evidence to back up their claims. The trick is to know what ingredients to look for in a product, how much of the active ingredients the product contains and how much of those ingredients penetrate the skin. Sounds confusing? Don't worry - we've done the work for you. 
Skincare products

Well researched product ranges

Halo Aesthetics has done the research for you, and sourced the very best professional skincare products available. We only offer products which have been clinically and scientifically proven to work - we understand how frustrating it can be to buy products which promise everything and deliver nothing. We love our product ranges and best of all - they work! 
Skincare advice

Bespoke skincare regimes

A customised skincare regime using high quality products can really transform your skin and enhance in-clinic treatments. Our aesthetic nurse will be able to recommend the best product(s) for you based on your age, skin condition, lifestyle and budget. Our products are available to buy in-clinic or on our online skincare portal (excluding prescription only products). 
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"Great advice and care given, will be going back for more treatments without a doubt!"

Nikki Zanna
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